Revenge is based on a girl who sets out on a journey to get revenge for all the people involved in a massive cover up which caused her father to be jailed for life and killed. Amanda Clarke. (Emily VanCamp.)

Amanda was ripped away from her father at a very young age. She was brain washed to believe her father was a terrorist and killed many people. There was a novel written about the famous David Clarke. During reading it she believed all the rumors.

Amanda ended up in foster homes, the streets and even Juvie. When she was released from Juvie Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) met her and gave her a box of her father’s journals, a huge inheritance and other small possessions. In those journals contained the truth of the cover up, everyone involved, and the betrayal from his own friends and lover.

That’s when Amanda Clarke became Emily Thorne. She swapped her name with a friend from Juvie. Amanda begun training and plotting her strategic plans to take all those down who wronged her father.

After her Training she set off to the Hampton’s where it all begun. Her first step was to buy  her childhood house right next to her biggest enemies…the Grayson’s…the brains behind the cover up.

Nolan Ross (the only person in the Hampton’s who knows who she really is) meets up with her and plans on joining her to help clear David Clarke’s name.

I thoroughly enjoyed Revenge. It was very well done! I watched it in two-three weeks. I couldn’t wait until the end just to see how it all worked out. After watching it, I know I will never try to get revenge for anything. It takes up way too much time, energy and would destroy your soul…true! Don’t try at home! In saying that, you still can’t help but think, “GO GIRL!”

Amanda is extremely smart and thinks of the worse way possible to take each person down without killing them, instead they live with their own guilt and destruction. Amanda has certain morals so she never actually murders anyone, though the blood is still sometimes on her hands! Most shows, I’m either disappointed in the ending or expected something bigger or want more but with Revenge, it ended perfectly…I couldn’t have asked for a better ending. I Definitely recommend Revenge if you love strategic thinking! 🙂


By Jess