Released: February 10th 2016

Director: Christian Ditter


‘How To Be Single’ is about a young adult, Alice (Dakota Johnson) who decided she wanted a break from her long-term boyfriend, Josh (Nicholas Braun) who she started dating in college. After four years of being in a relationship with Josh, she realised she needed a break from the relationship to find her true self.

Alice moved to New York to work as a paralegal where she met Robin (Rebel Wilson) a outgoing and witty coworker who enjoys drinking, partying and casual sex. Robin Shows Alice the single way of life. Alice learns how to pick up guys, score free drinks and appreciate the single lifestyle.

In the meantime, Meg, Alice’s sister (Leslie Mann) has a strong independent personality who believes she doesn’t need a man or a baby to be happy. Meg is a midwife and deals with babies everyday and doesn’t believe having one herself is what she wants. After spending some time with a patient’s baby she decides a baby is exactly what she wants and decided to go through the IVF process. After she fell pregnant she met a young adult who she thought only wanted sex, which she was fine with. But all he ever wanted to do was be a stay at home dad which worked well as Meg still wanted to work full time.

Following a different story line, Lucy, (Alison Brie) is on 10 different dating sites, she is super crazy and scares people away with her ‘just wants to get married’ attitude. In the end one guy is just as crazy as her and accepts her for who she is and they decide to get married.

A good romantic comedy is hard to come by. Though this is suppose to me a rom-com,  I wouldn’t put it in that category because the goal of the film isn’t about a romantic relationship. In the end Alice and Robin stay single. Overall I felt the film lacked a good story. It was very confusing and didn’t have much point to it. It jumped between different relationships and made you think they were going to find ‘the one’ and settle down. Especially Alice. She went back and forth between 3 guys so your expectation is she is going to fall for one of them. It was just confusing and the plot was difficult to follow. They tried to get several messages across such as; “A woman doesn’t need a man.” “Single life is fun.” While all this is true and are good messages for teens and young adults not to rely on a man, it also sends bad messages such as; alcohol, drugs, one-night-stands and partying is the way teens have fun.

I did appreciate how they introduced different aspects of relationships.

Even though the movie was totally confusing, it didn’t fail to make me laugh, thanks to Rebel Wilson!

By Jess